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Prices as of January 2016
Mechanical Drawing Set: 21 sheets of professional-quality construction drawings, including full-size wing rib out-lines, airplane 3-view, sub-assemblies and supplemental updates.200.00
Constructor's Guide: a construction history of the original SR-1, including photos and personal memos.25.00
Engine Cowlings: all cowls are precision-molded and have a step-flange on the parting line. These are two-piece cowls constructed in several options:
- graphite/epoxy racing cowling, as pictured on the prototype SR-1. Lightest weight. Uses a 12" dia. spinner and 12" prop extension.1035.00
- fiberglass/epoxy: for sport use or racing, same design as above.935.00
- graphite/epoxy, Fueltank cover135.00
- fiberglass/epoxy: Fueltank cover, same design as above.105.00
- Carburetor Scoop graphite/epoxy265.00
- Carburetor Scoop fiberglass/epoxy225.00
Spinner: 12" diameter, with backing plates, in two options:
- graphite/epoxy, for racing or sport use385.00
- fiberglass/epoxy, or sport use325.00
Wheel Fairings: sold as a set of two, without attach hardware: Molded with surface coating in four options:
- Pressure recovery design (long tail) in graphite/epoxy, 5.00 x 5 size450.00
- Pressure recovery in fiberglass/epoxy, 5.00 x 5350.00
- Classic racing style graphite/epoxy, 5.00 x 5 size465.00
- New racing style, in graphite/epoxy, for 4.10 x 5625.00
- New racing style, in fiberglass/epoxy, for 4.10 x 5525.00
- Narrow the wheels 1 inch on lathe225.00
Canopy Skirt: no hardware
Canopy: As seen on prototype, molded and sold by outside vendorContact Vendor
- graphite/epoxy375.00
- fiberglass/epoxy325.00
- Canopy Turtledeck Fairing: in graphite/epoxy385.00
- in fiberglass/epoxy325.00
- Wing root fairing, upper and lower in graphite/epoxy425.00
- Wing root fairing, upper and lower in fiberglass/epoxy375.00
Other Hardware
- Fuselage Frame: Heli-Arc welded with reinforcements and attach tabs installed.4,800.00
- Fuselage Frame with all controls (stick assembly,pedals,etc)5,800.00
- Sandblast, prime, and paint Fuselage Frame, control assembly750.00
- Wing Rib Set: all ribs are completely formed, skinned, and ready to mount on spars.
- bare rib outlines, without ply covering
- Engine Mount: 4130 steel, Heli-Arc welded, ready to use175.00
- Exhaust Stacks: set of four, stainless steel "shorties"125.00
- Prop Extension: for pictured cowling, 12" length490.00
- Fuel Tank: Heli-Arc welded 5052-alloy aluminum, with all fittings, fill cap. 6-gallon racing version235.00
- 10-gallon sport or race version350.00
- Tail Wheel Assembly: sport use, steerable racing use, fixed and non-steerable200.00
- Tail Faring: graphite/epoxy130.00
- Tail Faring: fiberglass/epoxy85.00
Spring Landing Gear: bent to form, properly heat-treated, ready to use
- 4340 alloy steel, for sport or racing use410.00
- 2024 alloy aluminum, for race use610.00
Complete Fairing Sets: each set consists of engine cowling, spinner (with backing plates), canopy, canopy skirt, canopy fairing/turtledeck, and wheel fairings : all precision-molded and delivered without attachment hard-ware. In the following versions:
- graphite/epoxy, racing useCall
- fiberglass/epoxy, racing useCall
- fiberglass/epoxy, "Sportsman"Cal1
The above sets each represent all pertinent items that will facilitate your SR-1 airframe completion!
The above sets each represent all pertinent items that will facilitate your SR-1 airframe completion! For special orders or quotes on items that are not listed please call 1-316-684-2032 or 1-402-336-1941. The above prices are for standard-design SR-1 parts per the mechanical drawing set callouts. Parts other than standard will be priced on an individual basis. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for shipping. Prices are subject to adjustment without notice. Certain items require special crating charges: please contact us for a quote. All items are FOB from Wichita, KS or O'Neill, NE, sent freight collect.

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